About NHS Alumni


Mission is to:

  • advance all areas of education and to stimulate continuing interest and professional relationships between Norwood High School and its alumni
  • actively support and promote Norwood High School within the community, by providing funding for school scholarships, improvements and internships
  • promote general fellowship and community involvement with Norwood High School
  • develop and maintain a comprehensive list of alumni to foster future solicitations by the Alumni Association or for use by school as approved by the Alumni Association
  • develop camaraderie among all alumni
  • organize social events for alumni and Association members.


There’s a School on a Hill Called Norwood

There’s a school on the hill called Norwood,
And her sons and daughters, too
Are all the true supporters
Of her glorious flag of blue,
And whene’er her sons are fighting,
And would rather die than yield,
You can hear the school that backs them up,
Go singing down the field—-OH
Norwood dear Norwood—-we sing to you,
We will be loyal to your flag of blue,
And Norwood, dear Norwood, as years roll by
Give us a cheer RAH! RAH! Give us a cheer RAH! RAH!
Cheer for Norwood High.